Banting Research Foundation


Banting Research Foundation


Website Redesign, Social Media Management, Copywriting

In a collaborative effort with BlueMax Studios, the Banting Research Foundation embarked on a transformative digital journey, reinforcing its esteemed position as Canada’s oldest health science non-profit. Our goal was to modernize their digital footprint, making their groundbreaking work more accessible and engaging to a broader audience.

Our website redesign focused on mirroring the foundation’s innovative spirit and legacy. We developed a sleek, modern portal that not only highlights the foundation’s impact on health research but also improves user engagement through intuitive navigation and mobile responsiveness. This revitalization led to an impressive 99.7% increase in website traffic within just three months, significantly amplifying the foundation’s digital presence.

A cornerstone of our strategy was the introduction of consistent, informative blog posts on the foundation’s website. These posts, rich in relevant keywords and covering the latest in health science research, played a pivotal role in enhancing the foundation’s SEO. The consistent publication of high-quality content not only provided value to readers but also improved search engine rankings, making it easier for potential donors, researchers, and the general public to discover the foundation’s work.

On the social media front, we strategized to enhance the foundation’s narrative across LinkedIn and Twitter. By sharing informative posts on crucial health research dates, new scientific advancements, and incorporating a blend of engaging content, we achieved a remarkable 96.3% growth in LinkedIn followers and a 151% rise in Twitter impressions year-over-year. This strategic content curation fostered a stronger connection with the research community and the general public, elevating the foundation’s social media influence.

Our collaboration extended beyond digital marketing. We honed our research and persuasive writing skills to assist in drafting compelling funding and sponsorship proposals. This crucial behind-the-scenes work further enabled the foundation to secure the resources needed to continue its mission of supporting early career researchers in making significant health advancements.

The partnership between BlueMax Studios and the Banting Research Foundation highlights the transformative power of digital strategy in amplifying the reach and impact of non-profit organizations. By synergizing our digital expertise with the foundation’s noble mission, we’ve not only elevated their online presence but also contributed to fostering future medical breakthroughs. This case study exemplifies how strategic digital enhancements and social media management can extend the influence of organizations dedicated to the betterment of human health.

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